Unbound Cloud Data Protection with NetApp FAS8000 and Catalogic Software

Guest post by Flavio Santoni, CEO, Catalogic Software


Some technology is adopted very quickly while other technologies take years or even decades to mature. Having said that, it is amazing to see the accelerated adoption of new technologies, and how quickly people may switch phones, apps, or even jump between operating systems. On the flip side, the larger the business, the harder it is to jump between technologies. It is all about what is best for the business, so business functionality, processes and costs drive key technological decisions. In parallel, the business drivers and changing demands require technology providers to innovate, evolve and provide appropriate technology to meet their needs. What led me to think about this was NetApp’s release of their next generation of FAS, the FAS8000 series. Clearly, NetApp has evolved the technology providing new functionality to address customers’ needs both today and in the foreseeable future. Increased performance, security and management features are critical in today’s IT centers. Success requires balancing cost, opportunity, and risk amid rapid change and explosive data growth. NetApp consistently delivers solutions designed to address changing IT demands, which is the reason customers continue to seek out their solutions.


Early in 2000, I recall hiring a new system engineer at the storage company where I was VP of Sales and Marketing. We were developing a NAS array to compete with NetApp and this guy – let’s call him "Bob" – had extensive NetApp experience as an administrator and delivered a session to educate us on the FAS. Bob began his dialogue with, “WAFL is the greatest operating system ever developed.” Of course, I heard “waffle” and could not internalize what that had to do with breakfast. He went on to educate me about the benefits of the WAFL File System and of course, this led to diagrams on Snapshots® and the SnapManager® suite. 


Snapshot technology has now been available for over two decades and its adoption continues to grow driven by customer needs for faster and more efficient data protection and recovery. Clearly, one of the leaders of driving this adoption is NetApp. This is the foundation of why Catalogic Software chose to partner with NetApp 15 years ago and complement the capabilities of the Data ONTAP® operating system, the #1 operating system in the market today, to deliver a full data protection solution. This led to the introduction of NSB in 2010 as customers needed broader capabilities to address their growing data protection requirements.


For the customer, the complete integration of Catalogic software with NetApp storage translates into a complete data protection solution with a full set of capabilities, starting with reduction of backup times by 90% and recovery of data in minutes. For optimum efficiency, one platform addresses backup, disaster recovery, copy data management, bare metal restore, file or application restores, tape backups, tiered backups, archiving, ROBO and more!


And it does not end here. Working closely with NetApp, we realized that a key barrier of achieving best storage and data protection efficiency is poor visibility of what is actually stored. This is why last October Catalogic released an enterprise catalog solution, which after a 15 minute download provides customers with the ability to start cataloging rich information of the data stored, inclusive of snapshots. The ability to report, search and act on the information that is cataloged, is what unlocks the ability for new levels of efficiency and more intelligent data protection implementations. Stay tuned as there will be a lot more coming up… 


Recently, Greg Shultz, Principal at StorageIO, wrote: “The biggest barrier to moving away from backup is the industry including vendors, their pundits, press/media, VARs and customers who continue to insist on using or referring to backup vs. expanding the conversation to data protection.” (GS @StorageIO - See more here). 


Catalogic, together with NetApp, is not only talking about, but delivering data protection. The FAS8000 series combined with Catalogic DPX provides a truly modernized infrastructure available to meet customers’ data protection challenges.


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