V-Series lightens the load on data backup and recovery systems

Improving data backup and recovery is the #2 priority for IT in 2013 - Enterprise Strategy Group


When a backup window is missed or a system not recovered at the needed point and time, significant risk is placed upon a business or organization.   As the amount of data and number of applications to protect grows, more must be done within the available time.  Late recoveries can expose a company to regulatory fines and impact customers, partners, and suppliers.  IT systems which ‘continue the business’ notwithstanding a failure are a C-level obligation and an IT responsibility. Failures can lead to lost revenue and lost reputation


IT has embraced key initiatives to substantially improve backup and recovery capabilities.

  • Simplify – reduce the sprawl of tools and silos of systems
  • Consolidate – have fewer and larger backup repositories
  • Manage Data Growth – eliminate redundant data and shrink the repository


The multi-vendor environment adds additional complexity; vendors provide solutions within their system but not across systems. IT functions as an in-house integrator; linking, bridging, and coupling silos of solutions into a backup and recovery system.  Verification and regular testing of recovery systems are time consuming, can be disruptive, and requires additional hardware. Often incorrect or inadvertent changes occur which are only discovered during a recovery. The inherent complexity of backup and recovery systems introduces problems. Silos of solutions complicate the situation.


NetApp has a solution to improve each key backup and recovery initiative: a uniform and consistent set of tools to manage backups and restores plus a robust, low risk and cost effective verification and testing capability.  NetApp’s Data ONTAP packaged with the V-Series hardware delivers an integrated data replication, recovery, and testing platform for multi-vendor storage.


The top capabilities provided by V-Series include:                   

  • Simplify: Snapshot for space efficient point in time copies to reduce recovery time and point.
  • Simplify: Snap Creator to configure and manage automatic backups.
  • Simplify: FlexClone to easily test backup and recovery plans across protocols and systems.
  • Consolidate: SnapMirror for change only replication, saving network bandwidth with less remote storage. Target storage can be different.
  • Consolidate: SnapVault for longer term off-site recovery copies of snapshots.
  • Manage Data Growth: De-duplication to eliminate redundant data and dramatically shrink backup system size.

Incorporating V-Series into a backup and recovery system is straightforward and has been done successfully for several years.  The solution front-ends existing storage arrays and provides a consistent set of operational capabilities and management tools.  V-Series becomes a point of consolidation and simplification across multi-vendor storage and with NetApp storage.

Companies utilizing V-Series routinely test DR on a monthly basis vs. semi-annual or annually – reducing business risk. The broad storage protocol support combined with any to any backup provides the flexibility to re-purpose existing storage into a recovery site or add a more cost effective alternative.


The combination of Data ONTAP function and V-Series multi-vendor flexibility provide unique capabilities in replication, recovery, and testing while reducing data.  Not needing identical storage hardware can speed implementation and save costs. Reducing the load on backup and recovery brings added protection to your business.


IT projects to improve backup and recovery should consider the V-Series alternative.


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