Virtualization and Mid-Size Businesses: What’s the Hold Up?

By Ernie China, Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp & David Auster, Global Partner Marketing, VMware


As their network storage demands grow, mid-size businesses are increasingly looking to virtualization to keep pace with growth while simplifying their IT infrastructure, streamlining/automating management, and reducing unplanned downtime thru cost-effective data protection/disaster recovery capabilities. However, while the benefits of virtualization would appear to make it a natural technology fit for mid-size businesses, many have yet to deploy it to their most important applications & take advantage of the advanced functionality that virtualization can deliver. According to a recent report published by The Aberdeen Group, a survey of 135 small / mid-size businesses showed that only 18 percent had plans to start using virtualization in the next 12 months and almost half of the survey participants wouldn’t be considering virtualization for at least another three years, if at all. What’s holding them back?


The primary reasons are concerns about money and complexity. Will virtualization require new capex commitments? Will virtualization require new expertise to implement and maintain? Will it have a negative effect on employees’ user experience with applications?


NetApp and VMware are well aware of these concerns and have invested significant time and resources into addressing them. The result? A suite of products from VMware and NetApp designed to make it easy and cost effective for mid-size businesses to implement virtualization at a pace they’re comfortable with. These NetApp and VMware products are easy to deploy, don’t require a steep learning curve to maintain & manage, and enable you to cost effectively protect the small number of business critical applications that you rely to run your day-to-day operations. 


Seeing is believing – VMware and NetApp have rolled out the Test Drive program to help our mid-size business customers experience just how easy it can be to implement virtualization into your IT environment. Try it yourself today.