WD-40 Company Improves Performance with FlexPod Running Clustered Data ONTAP

Taking its name from a water-displacement formula that was perfected on the 40th try, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is one of the most recog­nized brands in the world. The WD-40 company has 390 employees globally and sells in 190 countries.


WD-40 Company has experienced steady growth, and as it expands globally, it expects that growth to continue. But, the growth is putting a strain on the company’s infrastructure, and providing consistent performance for their applications (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, IBM Cognos) was challenging. They needed to provide a more robust foundation for their business-critical applications.


NetApp partner Datalink recommended virtualizing servers with VMware vSphere on a FlexPod plat­form. At WD-40 Company’s primary data center in San Diego, Datalink deployed a FlexPod Datacenter solution with a NetApp FAS3220 storage system and with NetApp SnapMirror, replicated new or changed data to a NetApp FAS2240 storage system at a disaster recovery site in Phoenix, Arizona. All NetApp systems run clustered Data ONTAP.


WD-40 Company is also taking advantage of the multiprotocol flexibility of clustered Data ONTAP, by using CIFS for file shares, NFS for VMware datastores, and Fibre Channel for VMDK files. Storage traffic flowing in and out of the Cisco UCS blade server chassis use Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), improving efficiency.

The WD-40 Company has experienced the following benefits:

“We’ve seen a tenfold improvement in storage I/O, an eightfold improvement in network throughput, and nearly three­fold increase in raw calculation capability by moving to FlexPod.” Chris Schrom, senior systems engineer

“Our morning analytics processing completes much faster now. Cognos PowerPlay cubes take 37% less time to build now that the application and SQL databases are virtualized on FlexPod run­ning clustered Data ONTAP.” Chris Schrom, senior systems engineer

"With FlexPod, IT is no longer a bottleneck—we’re a business enabler.” Lynn Buck, director of IT operations


Mike McNamara