What Follows agile IT Infrastructure? Intelligence & Data Storage Management.

By Mike Harding, OnCommand Product Marketing


NetApp recently gained recognition in the market by bringing a new level of ‘agility’ to storage with the announcement of NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8.1.1—one of the hottest recent product launches in the business.  How do you build on the power and value of Data ONTAP with cluster-mode? You do it by bringing intelligence via data storage management tools like NetApp OnCommand® Unified Manager.


NetApp Data Storage Management

NetApp OnCommand® Unified Manager, our data storage management and IT automation software, enables storage service efficiency as well as Storage-as-a-Service and Cloud deployments. It provides a unified experience for managing physical and virtual NetApp storage environments, using integrated workflows and policy-driven automation. 

OnCommand Unified Manager enables storage monitoring, alerting, provisioning, protection and performance management for NetApp storage environments. Whether you have five or hundreds of systems—you can manage them from a single dashboard.


What’s New with Unified Manager?

OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 provides basic capacity and performance monitoring for Data ONTAP 8.1 to facilitate the transition to cluster-mode, especially in enterprise environments.

New features include:

  • Basic monitoring, alerting, and reporting of NetApp storage systems running Data ONTAP 8.1.x in Cluster-Mode
  • Performance Advisor capability for Data ONTAP 8.1.x operating in cluster-mode
  • Provisioning capability with a choice of resource selection algorithm for volume creation, either "Least utilized" or "Best fit"
  • Protection capability that includes dynamic secondary sizing for a volume SnapMirror® (VSM) destination, the ability to update or rerun a single job in a dataset, and support for 32bit to 64bit for mirroring (VSM); and that eliminates the requirement to include the original directory path when restoring to an alternate location
  • Limited 7-Mode improvements such as infrastructure upgrades, currency qualifications, and fixes for critical customer issues
  • Host Package enhancement that contains 7-Mode host services for VMware, as well as BURT fixes.


Unified Manager and Data ONTAP in Cluster-Mode

Unified Manager 5.1 delivers basic monitoring, alerting, and reporting, as well as performance management for NetApp storage systems running Data ONTAP 8.1.x in cluster-mode.  For cluster-mode, this means the ability to monitor clusters of systems, Vservers, and larger aggregates.

One of the other specific cluster-mode updates includes an enhanced Performance Advisor capability that supports the analysis of physical and logical resources in cluster-mode. This includes the ability to measure IOPS, latency, and throughput for physical and logical cluster objects, giving customers performance management capabilities for NetApp storage in cluster-mode, conveniently as part of OnCommand Unified Manager.

Note that with Unified Manager 5.1, you deploy it in either 7-mode or cluster-mode, as only that one type of object can be monitored by that instance of Unified Manager.  We expect early-adopter customers to create a separate instance of Unified Manager to monitor their cluster-mode systems, in order to become familiar with the new power and capabilities of cluster-mode operations.


Agile Data Infrastructure at Scale

Circling back to Agile Data Infrastructure, NetApp is showing the industry that it can enable an IT environment that is intelligent, immortal, and infinite.  And the role that Unified Manager plays is to help bring that storage Intelligence to the equation.

  For more info on the NetApp Agile Data Infrastructure, check-out the new Agile program webpage, and learn more about Unified Manager and the 5.1 release.