What’s On Our Customer’s Minds? IT Infrastructure Optimization and Growth Challenges.

Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


The OnCommand Product Management team recently met with a number of OnCommand Analyze customers during their annual customer strategy council event. This is a two-way dialogue between NetApp product managers and engineering and a cross-section of OnCommand customers representing a variety of industries, and roles ranging from architects, directors, managers to administrators. The primary objective was to listen to our customers carefully and learn about their current priorities, and also understand what they’re planning for in the coming years. So what did we hear? Many are still experiencing high data growth, 50% - 100% year-over-year, and this is creating huge challenges for IT infrastructure optimization. Many are also continuing to virtualize much of their environment within the next two years and introduce more automation. Lastly, many are planning their private cloud or have already started their transition.

How are these technology professionals coping with data growth and the growing complexities of their environment (heterogeneous, highly virtualized, private cloud)? They rely on data storage management software such as OnCommand Insight and Balance to help manage daily tasks as well as their strategic IT initiatives.

When it comes to managing storage performance on a day-to-day basis, many rely on the OnCommand analytics software to quickly show them areas of concern so that they can be addressed, to assure availability and optimal performance. For many, having the ability to maintain and enforce policies is a significant time and money saver.


Using OnCommand Insight and Balance together provides a powerful toolkit for change management, IT performance management, capacity planning, and planning major initiatives. These customers are already reaping the benefits of storage analytics today, and the consensus is that this puts them in a much better position as they prepare for their tech refreshes, data center relocation and consolidations, and private cloud.


So what’s next for these forward thinking customers? Many are looking to introduce as much automation as possible, and dig deeper into the powerful reporting capabilities that these analytics products have to offer.


What did OnCommand Product Management takeaway from this valuable event?  Product Management will continue this two-way dialogue, and provide our customers with access to subject matter experts so that they can continue to strengthen their IT analytical skills and improve IT infrastructure optimization.


A special thanks to all the customers who attended, and here's a memento photo of our outing at the USS Constitution.