Why FlexPod for Microsoft Private Cloud

With almost one and a half million followers on Twitter, when Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior speaks, there are a lot of people who listen. Recently she weighed in on the reason why Microsoft Private Cloud on FlexPod is driving significant value to clients and why the power of 3 – the strategic relationship between Cisco, NetApp and Microsoft – is so important.

“What we are bringing to customers is really the combined strength of (all) companies taking Cisco’s UCS datacenter compute platform with the Nexus 1000 switch, (NetApp storage) and the FlexPod architecture that we are creating with Microsoft by combining Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center to bring our customers an easy way to deploy combined solutions. The benefit is faster provisioning time, a faster way to deploy capacity, and an easier way to manage and deploy applications in the data center.”


Watch the full video below or click here.



With the transformation of the data center being driven by agility and manageability, it is clear that software is king and the capability of our three organizations to deliver a fully integrated and seamless management suite for service delivery provides unparalleled value to the enterprise.


Microsoft’s System Center technology is a cornerstone. Not only gaining wide adoption across customers as a management tool, it has been ranked by Gartner as the hands-down leader in their prestigious Magic Quadrant.


One of the shifts in the market today is that control of IT spending is moving to Line of Business leads and Application Teams. We need to be able to deliver our converged infrastructure message across the full enterprise so that our joint solution becomes the “go-to” enabler for the business.


Padmasree reminds us that what customers want today is peace of mind delivered by solutions that are reliable, supportable and provide rapid time to value for business competitiveness and differentiation:


“Customers don’t really care how it is defined or what is virtualized, they really care about: is my application running faster; how can I deploy that quicker; how can I consume it in a different way; and how does the infrastructure uniquely adjust to the requirements of the application.”