Why Spend Money To Save Money? Invest Smartly In IT Analytics.

Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


Maybe the federal government has it right. From 1998 to 2010, the number of federal government data centers grew by 484%. Think about it. Does this resonate with the data growth and increasing number of data centers you’ve seen in your business? Have you thought that there must be wasted or excess storage that you don’t know about, yet you don’t have a way of confirming your suspicions? In February 2010, the federal government announced the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) to address the issue of unsustainable, costly, inefficient IT infrastructure. You may want to take a leaf of the federal government’s book and spend some precious money to save you money in the long run.


When embarking on a data center relocation or consolidation initiative, you’re really looking to spend money carefully in order to achieve a quick payback and significant savings in the coming years, though it can be nerve wracking when an unforeseen situation suddenly drives you above your budget plan. One way of facilitating a smooth data center consolidation process is by using advanced analytics. This means using software to monitor your entire IT infrastructure, so that you have complete knowledge of all of your IT assets. With this level of detailed visibility and information, now you can identify inefficiencies and start making accurate plans on what needs to transition.


Software tools like OnCommand Insight provide powerful analytics that not only provide you visibility into your multi-vendor storage, but show you the entire storage service path from host to VM to your backend storage. This is vital when planning your data center consolidation. OnCommand Insight helps facilitate the process in several key ways.

  • Accelerating planning and development timelines
  • Planning for centralization and consolidation of sites
  • Improving program and data storage management so that your IT investments deliver value
  • Making infrastructure spending more cost effective

One way that OnCommand Insight helps take a lot of the pain out of planning is through its what-if modeling capability, which analyzes your current data center architecture. You build out your plan and then OnCommand Insight will validate each of the steps and tell you what violations or vulnerabilities you will incur. This way you can go back and tweak those steps, then validate them again to make sure your transition will go smoothly. One company who used OnCommand Insight for their consolidation was able to shave three months off their timeline and avoid hiring three additional resources for the initiative.

So maybe the federal government is on the right track. Learn more about how you can used advanced analytics to help you with consolidation or migration initiatives, and keep following the Clouds OnCommand blog to find out about the many ways you can invest intelligently and save money in the long run.