Why We Fail

Alex Jauch -- Architect, Microsoft Private Cloud

For those who are avid readers of this blog, you may know that I’ve been working on a series of blog posts about private cloud deployments in the enterprise.  I am happy to say that those blog posts have generated a great response from the community.  So much so, that I decided to write a short book on the subject.  That book is now available on Amazon for download onto Kindle or in hard copy. 




Many thanks to those who have already read it and given feedback.  Thanks also to NetApp and my direct management for allowing me to work on this project.


In addition, I was privileged to present a talk on this same subject for MMS this year.  My MMS talk, in a screencast format, is available online for those who would like to get a summary of the book in presentation form:




The talk is meant to be an overview of the book; but naturally you can’t get into the same level of detail in a one hour presentation that you can get into in a book. 


Either way, I hope the concepts here are useful for you during your journey to the private cloud.