Why is NetApp talking about Infrastructure and Operations Management @ VMware vForum?

One of the best kept secrets at NetApp is that we have a robust portfolio of analytics-based infrastructure and operations management software products that are helping organizations make the journey from virtualization to cloud.  At this year’s North America VMware vForums, NetApp speakers are presenting a session titled, Storage Performance, Capacity, and Configuration Management in a Virtual World.







As organizations move through the data center maturity model and leverage virtualization more, many encounter increasing complexity. 

The journey from application silos to cloud services includes centralized management, standardization, consolidation, virtualization, optimization and self-service (outsourcing).  This journey involves a fundamental shift from infrastructure optimization to service optimization. In managing these transitions, IT professionals are measuring their success by the efficiency of their infrastructure and services. Having the right tools for managing services is vital, especially in virtualized and cloud environments.


Where are you in your journey today?

•       Do you have complete visibility into your environment – across all data centers?

•       Are you able to map applications to storage?

•       Are you able to see what’s changed – or even audit changes?

•       Are you able to proactively model changes and validate that they won’t impact availability or redundancy?


Data growth continues to put pressure on IT. How difficult is it for you to manage capacity?

•       Are you able to see all of your resources and verify what’s actually being used?

•       How do you plan for capacity today? Is it an easy process? How reliable is it, do you feel like you’re over buying? Do you ever run out and have to scramble and purchase?

•       Are you able to track and report on storage costs? Are you looking to report on storage costs for chargeback or for cost accountability purposes?

•       What about tiering? Do you have a tiering strategy? If so, how confident are you in your tiering strategy?


How are you managing performance?

•       Do you know how to find the source of bottlenecks and contention?

•       Are you able to find bottlenecks easily? Being able to predict issues before they impact services is the key to maintaining optimal performance levels.

•       Do you want to be able to head off problems instead of firefighting?


NetApp’s OnCommand analytics products deliver:

•       Automating analysis; getting rid of guesswork

•       Integrating with enterprise systems (ITSM, reporting)

•       Empowering better decision making at all levels  (C-level, management, administrative)


Analytics is about providing actionable information at all levels of the IT organization. So it’s about running smooth, day-to-day operations and also about providing management and C-level executives what they need to know so they have the whole picture including integrating with other systems, roll up reporting, and a reporting solution that can feed into their other enterprise reporting systems… automatically.


If you’re attending the VMware vForum events in North America, check out the NetApp presentation in the Infrastructure and Operations track to learn more.  Most sessions are at 2:30 PM.


See us at the following dates and locations:


June 19

Ronald Reagan  Building, Washington, DC

July 19

Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC

September 20

Metro Toronto Convention Center
Toronto, ON, Canada

October 4

  1. St. Louis Convention Center,
    St. Louis, MO

October 16

Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH



And don’t forget to Visit the NetApp booth to learn more about how you can:

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–      Build a Secure Cloud for the Enterprise


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