Wright-Pierce Drops Tape Backup and Embraces NetApp SteelStore

SteelStore.pngEnvironmental engineering firm, Wright-Pierce, has experienced cost savings and a better approach to managing growth thanks to NetApp’s SteelStore Appliance and Amazon S3 Data Storage.


Over the past decade, Wright-Pierce has been expanding its reach from the company’s headquarters in Maine to the entire Northeast. The firm specializes in water, wastewater, and infrastructure services (areas New England needs help with after the winter we’ve been having).


In order to accommodate the increasing volumes of data, the firm would need to spend a significant amount of money to maintain its current tape and disk backup systems. As a result, the Director of IT, Ray Sirois, researched the trend toward cloud computing. He discovered that NetApp SteelStore cloud integrated storage appliance provides immediate data recovery, unlike tape which takes several hours to restore. Wright-Pierce would also have an affordable monthly cloud fee thanks to SteelStore’s deduplication functionality, and choosing Amazon S3 as a cloud host. An added bonus is that the firm could continue using its current Backup Exec software because SteelStore integrates with many leading backup solutions.


Thanks to NetApp SteelStore, Wright-Pierce has saved time and money by having only one backup appliance to maintain.


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