agile IT Infrastructure & IT Analytics Sounds Great. How Can It Help Me?

Kristina Brand, OnCommand Product Marketing


Today NetApp announced the Agile Data Infrastructure, designed to simplify IT complexity in today’s data-driven world. For more information read Dr. Dedupe, Larry Freeman‘s blog post Evolving into an Agile Data Infrastructure where he discusses the importance of automation and intelligent data management. When you look at the investment that NetApp has made in its OnCommand data storage management software, it’s clear that our focus is on how to help our customers successfully deal with exponential data growth. IT analytics is the pivotal piece that enables businesses to anticipate the otherwise unexpected.

If you’re grappling with how to manage data today, IT analytics is the key that will help you get a handle on managing your agile data infrastructure with confidence.

Our Workflow Automation (WFA) product lets you quickly and efficiently manage your storage environment by simplifying otherwise complex, multistep tasks, such as capacity provisioning, setup, data migration, and system decommissioning. WFA represents the Intelligence value within the Agile Data Infrastructure, by providing the means with which to design and automate highly customized storage jobs that can run quickly, without error, and over time, by downstream administrators or off-site operations staff.

Consider management’s software like OnCommand Insight, which provides reports that show your current utilization, consumption and costs. This gives you a baseline from which to start to measure your efficiency and track growth. OnCommand Insight also provides historical trending and analytical reports so you can project data storage needs more accurately and better predict growth. This is particularly useful for implementing tiering strategies, so when you have to buy more, you are buying the right kind of storage for your data. OnCommand Insight also facilitates daunting initiatives such as data center relocation and consolidations, and switch migrations.


OnCommand Balance provides visibility into your VMs, servers, and storage so you can view workloads and optimize performance. It also helps you identify the best VM for applications, and predicts bottlenecks so can continually maintain optimal performance. When you’re growing at scale, performance can easily suffer if you do not have the right tools to continually monitor and immediately take action when issues arise.

Managing data at scale means using IT analytics to help you manage growth effectively, as well as invest wisely in the tools that scale. Explore our product IT analytics libraries for OnCommand Insight and Balance, including videos, analyst reports and white papers.


Don’t miss the live TechTalk webcast on agile data infrastructure and clustering on June 21st, where Dr. Dedupe will be interviewing several storage architects dealing with challenges - and taking your questions live via chat.