cDOT 8.3.1 GA and New Programs for All Flash FAS




NetApp recently announced general availability of clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) 8.3.1 and new programs for the All Flash FAS (AFF). Below is a summary.


A few weeks ago, clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1 was designated general availability. As a summary, the following are the key features.

  • Inline compression for primary workloads with All Flash FAS.
  • Support for 2-node MetroCluster configurations. Supported 4-node configurations with 8.3.0.
  • Enhancements to Foreign LUN Import (FLI): the import process can occur while the LUN is in use. A brief disruption is required to re-target the host at the Data ONTAP system.
  • SnapMirror for Storage Virtual Machines (Storage Virtual Machine DR or SVM DR): a solution for mirroring the configuration of an SVM, not just its data.
  • Cluster Peering from multiple IPspaces: multiple replication relationships on the same cluster can use the same IP addresses or subnets.
  • Usability enhancements: examples include support for the banner and Message of the Day (MOTD); enhancements for audit log management Automated Workload Analyzer (AWA) volume-level reporting, etc).
  • Protocol enhancements: examples include support for dynamic DNS; support for Windows NFSv3 clients; support for SMB encryption for data transfers over SMB 3.0; enhancements to SQL Server (DBCC workarounds removed) and Hyper-V (enhancements to TRIM support) over SMB.
  • Availability enhancements: examples include checks to prevent creation of a nonroot volume in the root aggregate; support for displaying license entitlement risk status.
  • Cloud ONTAP encryption: enables customers to encrypt data in the public cloud while retaining control of the encryption keys; delivers Data ONTAP software encryption with aggregate granular controls.
  • All-flash FAS optimization, including optimized random read performance at high load (Data ONTAP 8.3 and 8.3.1).

NetApp also recently announced new AFF programs and a smaller-footprint AFF model to help enterprises and NetApp’s ecosystem of partners effectively make the transition to a hybrid cloud future.

  • Free Controller Upgrade: Customers who purchase a three-year SupportEdge Premium contract by December 31, 2015, are eligible for a new AFF controller free of charge as part of the renewal process.
  • Extended Support Price Protection: This offer enables customers to extend their standard three-year warranty and support for up to four more years. Customers can choose this option at point of sale or during renewal.
  • New AFF Series Model: The new 6U model of the AFF8080 EX is a smaller-form-factor version of NetApp’s top-of-the line unified all-flash array. It delivers the full range of enterprise grade capabilities with up to a 40% reduction in footprint. Available now, the new model can be set up to address mainstream SAN workloads in as little as 15 minutes.

Mike McNamara