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ESX host disappears from vCenter webclient inventory when VSC 6.1 is installed.


We Installed VSC 6.1 on our environment and I’ve noticed that when provisioning a datastore with the VSC or directly from onCommand, it gets created and mounted but its information is not available on the VSC plugin until we restart the VSC service.
Also we are tracking an issue that seemed to have pop up when we installed the VSC plug in, where the host does not show up in the vCenter inventory but it only affects the web client, If we use the vSphere C# client we can see the host in the inventory. If we disable and unregister the VSC extension and restart the web client service the host shows up in the inventory of the web client again.

We are using vSphere 6 Multi-vCenter using separate Platfom Service Controllers.


Any one else seen these problems?