Re: GPT and VMWare P2V Converter Issue

Sorry Fred,

but the * got messed up in the formation.

the OS Disks are Dynamic and all iSCSI Disks are GPT.

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Re: GPT and VMWare P2V Converter Issue

I would follow this video, with respect of backing up Windows 2008 Server with its own backup tool, you may need to stop exchange on the server when trying this out, you should end up with a VHD file on USB HDD Drive that could be attached to your ESX 5.1 server, watch the end part of the video for a restore is done from the VHD file with the Windows 2008 ISO or boot DVD

As the restore is done with a Windows 2008 install disk you restore with the VHD file the boot fix GPT - MBR on the Virtual Machine should apply.

If you have problem connecting the usb drive, first install a dummy copy of Windows 2008 on your VM then add a second drive to this VM and format NTFS, copy the VHD backup from your physical Windows 2008 to your Dummy Virtual Windows 2008 and place it on the second drive. Edit the host by removing the C drive then add it back again, set the boot order back to boot off the Windows 2008 DVD and restore the VHD. (see end video)  There after of course attach the Exchange DB Volume check drive letters and start exchange.