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Re: Problem with Autosupport

That’s really old. The bug is marked as fixed in 8.0P release (do not remember exact P number) and current 8.0 version is 8.0.3P1. I would strongly consider updating.

Re: Problem with Autosupport


You may have run into bug # 497983

You can look it up, I hit this on one system and it caused ASUPs to stop.

There is a work-around listed to add specific routes for ASUP traffic.

I found one I thought worked better.

I deleted and re-added the default route.

Once done, everything started working again.

I'd also echo the suggestion to get to a newer release.

- steve

Re: Problem with Autosupport

Hello, Steve.

I think this is will not help me, because all autosupport mail about Performance Data or Failed Disks sent normally.

I waiting for migrating some critical data to our new storage for start udate Data OnTap to 8.0.2 or 8.0.3.