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Re: sis status - searched amount more than vol size


"sis start -s" has helped me.

I had seen some larger than expected disk space usage on a 6280 and have seen the issue that the OP mentioned.  Our disk space usage have been going up much faster than expected and in retrospect I had noticed that deduplication efficiency on vmWare datastores was less than impressive on this filer.

So I tried to stop SIS on all the volumes and started with the -s.

When I restarted them about 24 hours ago, we had 15TB free disk space from a total of 83TB on that filer.

Now it is up to 24TB free and it is not done yet with scanning. I am looking forward to see the end result after the weekend.

(I have looked at wafl scan status and didn't see any container block reclamations or the likes)

Re: sis status - searched amount more than vol size

Interesting.  I also had space recover during the "scanning" phase when I finally decided to run "sis start -s".  On a 14TB volume it went from 88% used to 68%, and on a 8.4TB volume it went from 86% used to 78%.

I'm curious to hear what your results are after sis finishes.  For us, the percent saved from dedup reported didn't change more than a percent or two.  (This is on a 3240 running 8.1.1 in 7-mode).

In the meantime, I have an open case related to this issue, and I've asked the engineer to take a look at this thread and see if it rings any bells with him regarding any open issues.  I'll report back anything of use that comes from that.

Re: sis status - searched amount more than vol size

So after talking to the engineer on my case, it would appear that this bug is the cause of the behaviour I've seen and sounds a lot like what martinrudjakobsen saw: http://support.netapp.com/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=657692

There's also another SIS related bug that I don't think I've hit, but sounds like it may relate to some of the other folks in this thread: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=681095

Hope this helps.

Re: sis status - searched amount more than vol size


After the weekend I now can see that all all sis status are idle, with the exception of one that has run amok. So I will reset that one again.

I gained quite a lot more free space. Our aggregate was 80% full(which was the reason that prompted me to look into it into it). During the weekend we have gained another 7TB of free space so the aggregate are now only 62% full.

Accoring to sysstat we had a disk utilization of up to 80-90% with up to 1 gigabyte read pr. second and I could see that only 200 megabytes of that went to CIFS/NFS/FC IO so the rest must have been internal from SIS jobs, now we are down to 30%-50% utilization which makes sense since only one SIS job are running. I seems to have almost halved the number of IOPS from 38.000 to 20.000.

It has been a long time since I last saw that all SIS jobs had a idle status on that filer.

Now I guess I have to go though the other filers as well.