Virtual Desktop Service

New features in v6.0: Metadata, RDP properties and in-line script editor


This coming Thursday (the 4th of March) the team is pushing an update that has a couple noteworthy improvements. 


In-Line Script Editor

First, the Scripted Events UI now includes an in-line text editor to make changes to script files directly in the UI.  Previously you'd need to download, edit and then re-upload the script file.  Simply editing the text of the script in the UI is much faster.  We've also added some language specific formatting functionality for Python, PowerShell and batch scripts to make it that much easier.   


Script Editor Screenshot:



Metadata Location

Second, we're adding the option to configure the Azure region in which the WVD Metadata will be stored.  This give organizations with data sovereignty concerns more control over their data. 


Metadata Location Screenshot




RDP Properties

Finally, we've added simple control over many common RDP properties at the WVD host pool level.  Primarily this is used to enable/disable redirection of local devices, services and peripherals to the WVD session.  Examples include disk access, COM port redirection, the clipboard sharing, printers, smart cards, audio input/output and enabling/disabling full screen mode. 


RDP Properties Screenshot


There are many more changes this week, the full listing of release notes is listed here: Virtual Desktop Service – v5.4 Release Notes | NetApp Cloud Docs