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DR with Storevault and VMWARE


Step by Step to do DR with Storevault and vmware

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Nice document.

Couple of things that will help but which require Ontap CLI/filerview knowledge:

1. When you purchase Storevault replication now, you get full snapmirror functionality. So you can recover a lun at the DR site for testing purposes and then perform a snapmirror resync to avoid a baseline transfer.

2. You can also create a lun clone of the replicated lun for DR testing purposes which would allow the mirror to be left in place.


we purchased our S500's last summer, but I am very very interested in getting the full snapmirror functionality that you descibed above. Will it be possible for me to get that?


All current licenses are full SnapMirror functional licenses. Therefore, I would call support and have them re-generate the replication licenses for you. They will need the serial numbers of your storevault units.

You can then use Storevault Manager to edit the license field for replication and put in the new licenses.


Will the devices need to be running 7.2.1S9 or will it work with 7.2.1S8?


One of the new items with v7.2.1S9 and SVM v3.2 is the ability to manage both older Storevault only licenses and NetApp enterprise licenses. Therefore, if they generate a new SnapMirror licenses for you, it will be a Netapp enterprise license key and you will need v7.2.1S9 and SVM v3.2.

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