Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit - Emulate console connection

by NetApp on ‎2011-02-11 11:46 AM - edited on ‎2014-09-25 12:35 PM by allison Netapp Alumni

How often have you tried to telnet to a Data ONTAP controller, only to be greeted with the message:


Too many users logged in!  Please try again later.

onnection to host lost.


Here is a script that uses the new Invoke-NaSsh cmdlet in Toolkit 1.3 to emulate a console connection.  It works regardless of any other users logged in.  Like Invoke-NaSsh on which it is based, this script accepts a name or address value or an NaController object (argument 0), or the value in $global:CurrentNaController.  Similarly, credentials may be supplied explicitly (argument 1), embedded in an NaController object, or via the credentials cache.  Just enter 'exit' or Ctrl-C to return to PowerShell.


PS C:\> Connect-NaController benson
PS C:\> .\Connect-NaControllerConsole.ps1
benson: aggr status
           Aggr State           Status            Options
          aggr0 online          raid_dp, aggr     root
          aggr1 online          raid_dp, aggr




Commands that don't terminate on their own, such as sysstat, will cause Invoke-NaSsh to hang.  In a case like that, just ensure the output is bounded:


PS C:\> .\Connect-NaControllerConsole.ps1 dunn
dunn: sysstat -c 5
CPU    NFS   CIFS   HTTP      Net kB/s     Disk kB/s      Tape kB/s    Cache
                               in   out     read  write    read write     age
  0%      0      0      0       0     0       16      0       0     0     >60
  0%      0      0      0       0     0        8     24       0     0     >60
  0%      0      0      0       0     0        0      0       0     0     >60
  1%      0      3      0       8     9       40      8       0     0     >60
  1%      0      0      0       0     0        8     24       0     0     >60




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