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Making The Most Of Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit


Tips for using the Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.  Updated for Toolkit 3.2.1

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Awesome gets More awesome!!


Thanks Guys! The reclaim on virtual disk is a real winner and really appreciate all the work you do.


thank you!


Thanks Again Guys! To check / repair alignment on VHDX makes a big difference for our current migration times!


Nice! But I miss a fix for the Get-NaSnaplockComplianceClock issue like reported by me. Look here:



I'd like to know if this powerful toolkit has capability to scan the filers in the environment and provide output of unassigned and unopened disk?



Hi All,


When i try to open powershell. i am getting below cmd's only. Can anyone help on this issue.


PS I:\Scripting> Get-Command -Module DataONTAP

CommandType Name ModuleName
----------- ---- ----------
Alias Add-NcHostIscsiConnection DataONTAP
Alias Connect-NcHostIscsiTarget DataONTAP
Alias ConvertTo-NcLun DataONTAP
Alias ConvertTo-NcVhd DataONTAP
Alias ConvertTo-NcVhdx DataONTAP
Alias ConvertTo-NcVmdk DataONTAP
Alias Copy-NcHostFile DataONTAP
Alias Disconnect-NcHostIscsiTarget DataONTAP
Alias Dismount-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias Dismount-NcVirtualDisk DataONTAP
Alias Format-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostDisk DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostFcAdapter DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostIscsiAdapter DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostIscsiSession DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostIscsiTarget DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcHyperV DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcVirtualDiskAlignment DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcVssProvider DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcVssSnapshot DataONTAP
Alias Get-NcVssWriter DataONTAP
Alias Initialize-NcHostDisk DataONTAP
Alias Invoke-NcHostVolumeSpaceReclaim DataONTAP
Alias Invoke-NcVirtualDiskSpaceReclaim DataONTAP
Alias Invoke-NcVssBackup DataONTAP
Alias Mount-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias Mount-NcVirtualDisk DataONTAP
Alias New-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias New-NcVirtualDisk DataONTAP
Alias Remove-NcHostFile DataONTAP
Alias Remove-NcHostIscsiConnection DataONTAP
Alias Remove-NcHostVolume DataONTAP
Alias Repair-NcVirtualDiskAlignment DataONTAP
Alias Restore-NcHostFile DataONTAP
Alias Set-NcHostDisk DataONTAP
Alias Set-NcHostVolumeSize DataONTAP
Alias Set-NcVirtualDiskSize DataONTAP
Alias Start-NcHostDiskRescan DataONTAP
Alias Wait-NcHostDisk DataONTAP
Function Add-NaHelpInfoUri DataONTAP


Ugh. Sadly, I ran into this exact problem last week on Windows 10. It stopped exactly where yours did.  I could not figure out what the heck happened. Something I installed must have done something to something else that caused Powershell to underreact to loading the dataontap module. Debugging efforts were fruitless.


I built a Win10 VM to rule things out, but the DataONTAP module loaded just fine.


I bit the bullet, so to speak and reloaded my laptop (wanted to do that anyway, now I had a solid reason)


The DataONTAP module now loads fine and I see all the commands.




I am really scratching my head trying to get this command going on my CSV volumes:




After some testing learnt CSV volume needs to be put on maintence mode which is an issue as data will not be accesible for the cluster during that time!


In any case, I see no space reclaimed from Netapp GUI after this command runs succesfully for some minutes... I see no CSV temporarily going to 99 % usage either.


Any more ideas? I am about to give up 😕

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