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NetApp OpenStack Deployment and Operations Guide 1.1 (Grizzly)


The NetApp OpenStack Deployment and Operations Guide version 1.1.  This inaugural version focuses on OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) deployment.  Subsequent versions will expand to cover OpenStack Image (Glance) the use of NFS to replace ephemeral instance storage where appropriate, and the deployment of OpenStack Object Storage atop NetApp storage.  As NetApp's File Share Service submission is still under development and not yet integrated into OpenStack it is not covered in this version of the guide.  This version applies to the Grizzly release of OpenStack.  Please refer to later versions for Havana or later.

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We'd love to hear feedback on whether this documentation should be distributed in the form posted here or if it'd instead be preferable to just document it entirely at



IMHO, if it has something to do with NetApp, I'm going to the support site (or here) to search around first before poking around on the OpenStack site.  I'd expect NetApp to develop a guide like you have here, but make sure that it's publicly accessible and perhaps link to it from the site.

And this is just a personal preference really, but have that .pdf available as a download, but make the contents into a browsable web page - kind of like reading the online docs for an admin guide or something on the support site.  Just my $0.02..


this should be on Field Portal please, finding useful OpenStack information for means meens scanning through lots of blogs which is not ideal.

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