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Technology Preview - what does it mean?


Releasing the Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack as a Technology Preview means a few things, most importantly for you is the fact that it is not supported software. 

NetApp does not provide any phone or web based technical support for this sofwtare. See the terms and conditions of this Tech Preview software in the EULA.

The VSC has gone through the full software development cycle, including dev/test and formal QA, but given that it is a Tech. Preview it also means use at your own risk.  This community is here to provide best-effort help, and under no circumstances should it be considered anything beyond that in terms of support.

A Tech. Preview will allow us to gauge customer demand and interest, so this is your community as much as it is ours.  Your feedback and interest in the Virtual Storage Console for Apache CloudStack will be the driving factor to invest resources and develop a roadmap for the software.  In other words, if you tell us you'd like a certain feature that currently doesn't exist, or if you see that something is not working as expected, please post it on the community!


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