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Hello everyone,   I upgraded VSC 6.2.1 to VSC 6.2.2 on our vSphere 6.5 environment. (Because it was crashing when I click the Migrate button for align more
Simply, I'm looking for a PowerShell equivalent to the following CLI command: vserver cifs session close -node * -vserver MYVSERVER -address 10.xx.yy. more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.6 . This unified release has enhancements for Da more
Hi Everyone,   I'm using the Netapp powershell toolkit 4.6.0 (though the output looks like this from the Get-NaToolkitVersion command): PS C:\Windows\ more
Hi Everyone,   I am trying to set the AutoSupport Configuration via powershell but every combination I try with the cmdlet "Set-NcAutoSupportBudget" d more
Trying to setup a script using a hash table to create a new SVM. After the SVM is created I'm trying to set the allowed protocols with a comma seperat more
Hi All,   I've come across this issue which other people seem to say that it has been resolved in 7.0SP1. I'm currently trying to get VSC 7.2 (the lat more
Hi guys   for some reasons  I use SSH commands in few cases instead of PS cmdlets in our automation scripts, not a WFA. with Ontap 9.4 I receive the e more
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Great news for NetApp employees and for NetApp reselling partners!  You can access a Lab on Demand (LoD) for the Virtual Storage Console for Apache Cl more
NOTE: This version supercedes SV-SMVI 1.0 through 2.X.  Please use this version moving forward.  Features from SV-SMVI 1.0 and 2.X may not exist in SV more
Introduction The RBAC User Creator for ONTAP® tool is a C# application that enables you to create RBAC users within ONTAP.The list of privileges creat more
Introduction:   The RBAC User Creator forData ONTAP®  tool is a C# application that assists you in creating RBAC usernames within Data ONTAP.This appl more
IntroductionThe RBAC User Creator for ONTAP® tool is a C# application that enables you to create RBAC usernames within ONTAP. You can use the RBAC Use more