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 Hi,Now I'm trying to tune to the guest OS of RHEL 8.x according to the following KB, but this KB does not describe how to configure for RHEL 8.x. KB more
Hi All Firstly I've never used any of the NetApp Powershell commandlets.Developing a script here to do some estate reporting, (while we have multiple more
Dear PowerShell community,We are glad to announce the release of the NetApp® ONTAP® PowerShell Toolkit. PowerShell Toolkit Upgrade and Back more
Hi, some time ago i installed the 9.7.1 VSC in my vSphere 7.0.1 environment and created a VVOL datastore. I migrated VM's from NFS 4.1 datastores to t more
Latest Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere only supports up to vSphere 6.7 For a while now VMWare went to vSphere version 7. What is the ETA fo more
We had an unusual event last week that I wanted to share.  I had seven VMs on a NetApp NFS-based vVol.  Our Cohesity backups kicked off at 3:01pm and more
All I have downloaded and installed the latest PowerShell Toolkit 9.7.1. I am running PowerShell 7.0.3 and when I try to run the command Import-Module more
Hi, When I try to move a directory into a qtree on the same volume, it results in an access denied. Moving the directory with explorer.exe does work b more
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PurposePerforms a variety of checks against an ONTAP SAN based system and returns the results in an Excel spreadsheet. Following are the checks involv more
Introduction:   The RBAC User Creator forData ONTAP®  tool is a C# application that assists you in creating RBAC usernames within Data ONTAP.This appl more
  When Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and VASA Provider are registered to vCenter, UI (user interface) extensions are pulled to vSphere. These UI exte more
Hi,Clustered Data ONTAP doesn't support closing locked CIFS files using the MMC yet (coming in a future release) ...but even then do you really want t more
Great news for NetApp employees and for NetApp reselling partners!  You can access a Lab on Demand (LoD) for the Virtual Storage Console for Apache Cl more
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