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Hello experts Sorry for bother you. We use Openstack manila manage netapp FAS storage to provide nfs. The manila-share is down,and the log has the fol more
Team,   A customer want's to automate the internal security hardening process. He works with the PowerShell Cmdlet "Set-NcSecurityConfig", but it allw more
Dear PowerShell community, We are glad to announce the release of  NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 9.6  This unified release has enhancements for  O more
hi, we are facing one problem since 1 mounth, VM are disconnected form the storage and from VMwarLog  we can see this :   2019-03-24T22:38:15.173Z cpu more
Hi Folk, I'm trying to automate the closing/removing of CIFS file locks, and I'm running into problems with datat ypes. In particular, I do a Get-NcCi more
Hi There, I can't able to delete the user account for 'console' application with authentication method password. I am getting below error while runnin more
The version we are using, NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version:4.7.0Windows version: VMWare VM Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Start Windows Po more
We are vsphere 6.5 using SRM 6.5 with Netapp SRA 4.1 onTap is 9.1p17   Before we go to 9.3 and onwards I will need to get onto the VASA 7.x Documentat more
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  When Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and VASA Provider are registered to vCenter, UI (user interface) extensions are pulled to vSphere. These UI exte more
Hi,Clustered Data ONTAP doesn't support closing locked CIFS files using the MMC yet (coming in a future release) ...but even then do you really want t more
Great news for NetApp employees and for NetApp reselling partners!  You can access a Lab on Demand (LoD) for the Virtual Storage Console for Apache Cl more
NOTE: This version supercedes SV-SMVI 1.0 through 2.X.  Please use this version moving forward.  Features from SV-SMVI 1.0 and 2.X may not exist in SV more
Introduction The RBAC User Creator for ONTAP® tool is a C# application that enables you to create RBAC users within ONTAP.The list of privileges creat more