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IntroductionCloud is a major disruptor in the storage market, and to counter this, most infrastructure verticals within the data center are undergoing more
Introduction:   NetApp® SnapCenter is a centralized product suite that provides a single pane of glass management for a variety of applications, datab more
This video covers how to nest Snap Creator configuration files, or put differently, how to call a configuration file from another configuration file.T more
Several of the videos on this channel discuss the different Snap Creator plugins, but this one covers what to do where there is no plugin available fo more
This video shows how to use Snap Creator's SnapManager for SQL plugin.The SnapManager for SQL (SMSQL) plugin leverages SMSQL for backup while allowing more
If you have ever opened a Snap Creator case with NetApp, or even sometimes posting here on the communities, you may have been asked or seen someone be more
In Snap Creator we are always saving log files in debug mode - these logs are usually in the background and are captured by the scdump process above.T more
Perhaps you want to create a configuration file that uses SnapVault - This video shows you how: