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User can add Active Directory(AD) groups via CLI and login to OnCommand System Manager with a user account which is part of this AD group using AD/use more
NetApp brings in an innovation in Flash storage systems, the Fabric Pool aggregates. With FabricPool aggregates, you can move your cold data to extern more
Introduction The RBAC User Creator for ONTAP® tool is a C# application that enables you to create RBAC users within ONTAP.The list of privileges creat more
IntroductionCloud is a major disruptor in the storage market, and to counter this, most infrastructure verticals within the data center are undergoing more
Recently I came across querying the graphite db of a customer to get raw performance data. Formerly the customer regularly gathered the data for its 7 more
Almost every Company has different Departments, most of the Departments have their own folder in the central file share. In the folder of the Departme more
Join the Mod Squad!     We are excited to announce a new program on the Community called 'The Mod Squad'! This program brings together the most passi more
  Purpose:  Intended to provide high level information about tools only supported via NetApp Community forums.  Subscribe to this document to be notif more