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Hi  All!  I  need a help with mini-usb serial console cable.    I have Netapp  e 2712 with 6600series disk shelf.  Do you know what serial cable i shu more
New here, hello to everybody. I'm a newby, with this stuff as well. I'm just trying to repair an Onkyo home theater receiver, that had a bad microcont more
So in ontap 7 I could query the global status amongst other things using this OID. # snmpwalk -v1 -c public  . SN more
Hello Dear NetApp Community,   We have several NetApp products and I stuck in a FAS8040 disk busy issue. Here is the thing,   On our NetApp 2240 Produ more
Hi All,   First time posting so bear with me, I have a FAS2620 and have created a CIFS vserver ( call it data2) and it has been initializing all weeke more
Hello to all in the hope anybody can help me with my first steps. :-) The Hardware ist a fas 2220 with ontap 8.1 with no additional shelves.The FAS ha more
Hi,   Not really sure where to put this question. But first try in General.   I now have a Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V environment and have had this p more
Hi, I'm looking for the mysql plug-in for Snapcenter but can't find it. I have located other plug-ins like Sybase, DB2 etc but mysql appears to be rem more
I have a netapp e2700 and an e2600.  I would like to conect them together.  The e2700 has a sas sff-8644 and the e2600 which has a sas sff-8088.  Can more
Are there any local events in Arizona for 2019 with hands on labs?