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Hello i am getting this reports from Our Netap .What is the guide lines to trouble shoot this problem .Physicaly all power supply's are working but ke more
Dear Community,   since we have updated some of our systems (FAS82xx, AFF A300) to Ontap 9.3P7, we see the following Errors in Messages for our (UTA2) more
Hi,   We're purchasing new SSDs and having a FAS8200 with 1x12 3800GB SSD aggregate what is the recommended practice when adding 12 disks more?Is ther more
Hi, we have a 8020 HA-filer, both controllers have an additional 12Gbps 4-port expansion card. - Stack 1 is a single DS224 Shelf (double IOM12). - Sta more
Hi, is it possible to jhave a switchless cluster of two FAS 2552 that have two controllers each? That means a cluster contraining 4 controllers in tot more
hello everyone , plz help me.. plz What command show detail Vol0 create date ,  I want to know date Vol0 create. My office use fas2520 single Controll more
I'm preparing  a storate solution for a customer and have some doubts about disk mixing rules. From HWU, it is possible to use X477A disks on a DS212C more
Still trying to find my feet around NetApp systems and especialy Snapmanager can someone please help me here? i dont know where to look for this issue more
I am setting up new FAS2720 (2set) with ONTAP 9.4P4.One is total of 12 x 10TB SATA drives, and  the other is total of 12 x 8TB SATA drives.The interna more