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Talk and ask questions about NetApp FAS series unified storage systems and V-Series storage virtualization controllers. Discuss with other members how to optimize these powerful data storage systems.

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Hello   We have two FAS 2552 arrays that were installed in 2015 a few months apart by the same engineer.  I was in the mgmt GUI and noticed that HA wa more
Hi,   I have a dual controller FAS2552 and I can not connect to it via serial, ssh or management web interface.   Tried to ping the cluster and indivi more
Hi Folks, I'm part of a team at a smaller non-profit scientific facility who's not a storage guy traditionally - just a Linux admin.  Since we don't h more
Hello, I am a researcher who works at the IT Research Institute in Korea.We are going to introduce NetApp's product this time, and we are going to set more
The ONTAP 9 Documentation still references to these four excellent articles, but they are not available any more: e.g. Reference:   Provisioning for N more
I am trying to find a datasheet that states whether the Netapp 2650 has Serdes or SGMII interface for the sake of choosing the appropriate 1G Copper S more
I searched about the syslog configuration in the NetApp documentation center and found that the two commands involve syslog. What is the difference be more
This is regarding IBM System Storage N3240 Model A24 ( FAS2240C-4 ) having Serial no- 1380820 & 1380821, is delivered to client location on 18th April more
Hi. I want to understand the difference between below reboot procedures: 1>Takeover /Giveback -cluster prompt 2> System node reboot-system prompt 3> H more
I have both the Activity and Attention LED's off in one of the disks - NetApp DS212C disk shelf (FAS2520). The disk is NetApp 108-00270+B0 - 2TB 7.2K more
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