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Hello, I have a two node system that we have to power off for a few hours this Saturday. It is aFAS2750 with one disk shelf. We are running ONTAP 9.7. more
Hi Guys,   is it possible for testing purposes to switch a A220 to a ASA220? Or is in ASA220 different Hardware included?   Thanks for feedback
 I'm upgrading from FAS2650 using NVE to a FAS2750. We plan to take the route of upgrading controller hardware by adding new nodes to the cluster and more
e0e through e0h are not showing up in my sysconfig -v output on one of two controllers in one of our customer's FAS8040 systems.  I am curious if ther more
Hi, i need to ship an AFF A400 - need to know the capacity of the lithium battery in Wh's but neither could find info in HWU nor knowledge base. 
We have recently upgraded our Windows servers from 2012r2 to 2019 and would like to raise the AD from 2012 to 2019 but I would like to know if that wi more
Dear Community,   since we have updated some of our systems (FAS82xx, AFF A300) to Ontap 9.3P7, we see the following Errors in Messages for our (UTA2) more
  Looks like a little orange house with an x in front of it. It's on a FAS8040 running ONTAP 9.7, and the GUI screenshot is from ONTAP System Manager more
Hi,   i'm using a FAS2650 in a single controller configuration. Now i'm seeing manny shelf firmware update error messages: ERROR sfu.downloadSummaryEr more
Hi everybody, I have the following message from ASUP below ; "Health Monitor process nchm: DualPathToDiskShelf_Alert[50:05:0c:c1:02:04:70:d6]) ERROR . more
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