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Hi,   I try the sample code as in the SDK, but find the vfiler-create api do not provide a association between the ip-address and pre-configured vlan. more
I'm trying to verify a product for OnTap 8.1 using the simulator, and some code that works against all previous versions is failing.  The C# code look more
Something that's a little frustrating is that the CF card was created as 1GB and doesn't allow for upgrades of the simulator. I know that this hasn't more
with  "Snapshot creation aborted: snapshot target is active."   What does this error mean? Does this mean that snapshot will be deferred?   thanks
Hello. I have a question about the numbers of nodes in NetAppGX.If there are two controllers(filers) with active-active mode in a cluster, then you wi more
Hi  We had ldap integrated with our netapp filers, which is running fine . There seems to be some changes in the ips for the same ldap servers, and  w more
Does anyone know why Data ONTAP limits SNMP community strings to <16 characters? 
Running 8.0.1RC3X16 7-mode. I have scripts which read the output of sysconfig -r here's the output: Aggregate aggr0 (online, raid_dp) (block checksums more
Hello,   Here's a Powershell script that allows reading and setting qtree-based quotas based on a UNC (can also be a DFS path!). I wrote this script f more
Hi,       I want to collect performance stats like iops and throughput for each port seperately. Now I am using the command "perf-object-get-instances more