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Our filer is running ONTAP 1.14, and so we are accessing it with the 7.3.7 version of the ontapi java library as indicated by the documentation.  The more
getting Connect-NaController not a known cmdlet.   script works on one machine but not on another   where does manageontap.dll need to be? tried syste more
I am an SE working with a large enterprise customer. I am working with our PS guy to develop a script using FPolicy. We have an issue where Snaplock A more
I just installed two the 8.1.1 C-Mode simulators on my PC (Windows 7 running VMware Player) and while they seem to "see" each other just fine (e.g. cl more
Hello Team,   My customer think to collect using FPolicy for CIFS auditing. How communicate ONTAP to FPolicy Server? Can we develop using the NMSDK on more
I have a Centos box 6.2 and I want to install the simulator on the system in cluster and 7 mode. Can I just download the tar file and execute install more
Tripped across this while trying to add some type-validation for objects wrapped around a storage-shelf-environment-list response.   The children elem more
the vol0 on the simulator is full. it is 667mb. is there a way to resize this or shrink it?
  Hello everyone,       the installation guide of the SMI-S Agent 4.0 states:       "SMI-S Agent supports platforms running Data ONTAP 7.2.x and later more
Hi all,When using NetApp API, we can get a lot of messages in the console. Is there a way to limit or stop them? (the syslog.conf file is not precise more