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Hi,we've using TrendMicro ServerProtect for NetApp and i´m trying to monitor the status of the connected vscan servers via nagios / Icinga on the cont more
Anyone know how to get the useful info from this counter? I can't quite make out what the number means. CM_STATS says it is a base counterCounter Name more
Hi   I have a couple of questions on the file-list-directory-iter API that I hope someone can shed light on. I'm using the Ontapi 1.20 Vserver API doc more
Could the API documentation for perf-object-get-instances cover the proper handling of counter rollovers?   Some high-rate-of-change counters (e.g. sy more
The 'perf' ZAPI documentations call out ARRAY types and dealing with their labels, but there's no definition of how to handle matrices.One example is more
I'm working on a nagios check for NetApp volumes and ran into a couple of issues. I can get volume info including space used. This is fine for regular more
Hi All,I've been testing SDK for some time now, I'd like to use it for monitoring purposes. At this point I'd like to query my storage appliances with more
Hi,   I have downloaded 7.3 iso image netapp simulator and started to install on my desktop pc to practise in mean time. This is what i have done unti more
is it possible to configure a 4 or 6 node cluster using the simulators on vmware fusion? 2 nodes is ok but running a demo on a 4 or 6 node environment more
Hello!   I'm using NetApp simulator version "NetApp Release 8.1X47 7-Mode" I need to monitor volumes as well as related snapshots and qtrees by using more