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Be aware that upgrading to OnCommand 6.2P1 might bring major issues



I was using 6.2 and because of the announced security issues in java and mysql I upgraded to 6.2P1.

So now when I try to open the website with Chrome of FF I get this nice error:



Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

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This error can occur when connecting to a secure (HTTPS) server. It means that the server is trying to set up a secure connection but, due to a disastrous misconfiguration, the connection wouldn't be secure at all!

In this case the server needs to be fixed. Google Chrome won't use insecure connections in order to protect your privacy."


When I try to open it with IE the page get`s displayed but my password won't get accepted.


User+PW work fine when using the shell directly.


So great update! (At least for me) a total desaster!



Who Me Too'd this topic