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OPM 1.1 Failed to download Archive files.



I have a problem with OPM 1.1 and a new CDOT cluster running ONTAP 8.2P2 which is located in another network. I also have an older cluster running 8.2.2P1 on the same network as OPM and it works fine.


Anyway, I opened the port TCP/443 from OPM towards the Netapp and after that the discovery process started to work. After few minutes though I started to get the following error message on the "Manage Data Sources" page: Communication problem with the cluster: xx.xx.xx.xx, Failed to download Archive files. Error: &#39,xx.xx.xx.xx: Download wait timed out after 240000 millisecods. ' on try 37 out of 37.


Today those error messages are gone but I still get this error message on OPM:  "Cluster_name (xx.xx.xx.xx)" is unreachable. Performance Manager is no longer monitoring this cluster.


I've created own user account for this purpose and given it "ontapi" rights.


Is there some other port towards the Netapp that has to be opened?

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