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OPM 2.0P2 cannot install

I am trying to get OPM 2.0P2 working and I'm finding it a frustrating exercise.

My preference was to install the VMware ova file as that is a self installing and simple exercise....at least it was with OPM 1.1. Anyway, I deployed the package and filled in the IP, hostname details, etc and then the install inexplicably fails and refuses to set the interface IP information! P.S. my vCenter is version 6, which is a supported version according to NetApp page.

See screenshot for fail message after commit of IP info:



It seems NetApp support want nothing to do with this issue, so I decided to try installing the Linux RPM instead and that needs a licenced version of RedHat! Crazy.

Can someone please provide me with some advice on what to do now?


Who Me Too'd this topic