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Error 500 when trying to log in to Oncommand System Manager 3.1.2 for our FAS2240-2

As the title says, we cannot log in to the management system and we receive a 500 refused message. Sometimes we are able to log in to one controller but never two any more. No changes have been made to the configuration. The issues began when I upgraded my oncommand app. to 3.1.2. Rolling back did not help. I assumed it was a local PC issue with java or my browser and so I built a fresh VM install of Windows 7 but no matter what I try in terms of java version or oncommand version I still cannot log in, even with a vanilla Windows 7 install. 


As I'm a bit stuck, does the community have any pointers which I could try? The FAS's are coming up to 3 years old now, and they've not had any software upgraded either. I'm not sure if this is the cause. 



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