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Unified Manager 6.3 Alert scripts

Has anyone had any luck in passing environment variables from OCUM 6.3 to a script? Long story short, I am working with BPPM Msend.exe to create incident tickets when we have alerts. In DFM 5.2 I was able to pass the DFM_EVENT_SEVERITY, DFM_SOURCE_TYPE, and so forth to the script. This allowed me to set the priority of incident tickets and also customize the alert messages. In 6.3, I found a very short piece of information, but it has very limited items passed and does not state if they are always passed with the same ARGV[x] number. 



This is what I have found so far. 









Example for obtaining arguments from scripts

print "$ARGV[0] : $ARGV[1]\n"

print "$ARGV[2] : $ARGV[3]\n"


When an alert is generated, this script is executed and the following output is displayed:


-eventID : 290 

-eventSourceID : 4138


Unfortunately, this is not telling me (or anyone else) much of anything. I have communications in with the OCUM developers, but not sure how long that will take. As of right now, we have 8.3.1 Systems that are not being alerted on when we have issues. 


My current 5.2 script is in powershell, and although I do not like powershell, I would like to keep the 6.3 script in the same.


Any help or sample scripts would be greatly appreciated!!

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