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Lun mapping to two igroups with two different HBA's

It's been a while since last time when I worked on FC. 
I have 2 nodes HA, in cmod, the host has two HBAs and connect to to different switches, 2 FC ports on each node are connected to two diff switches.


Lets say i have a linux host with two HBA's ports, then I should create wo igroups 

igroup create -f -t linux host1_hba0 [Qlogic WWPN Port 1]

igroup create -f -t linux host1_hba1 [Qlogic WWPN Port 2]


assuming I have a lun: /vol/vol1/lun1

the question is, should I map the lun to these two igroup's:

lun map /vol/vol1/lun1 igroup_host1_hba0
lun map /vol/vol/1/lun1 igroup_host1_hba1





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