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Fpolicy External engine not connecting OnTap 8.3

We are trying to set up an fpolicy with an Enterise Vault external engine from a Cdot 8.3P1 SVM but each time the policy is enabled it shows connecting and then disconnected. The fpolicy log shows the below error but I am unable to find any context or resolution for this error. The timeouts on the external-engine setup in Ontap are set to the maximum allowed values. There is a CIFS data LIF on the node we are trying to connect from which alsohas management access and there is a domain account assigned with the correct permissions on the SVM. Has anybody experienced the same or know what the below error relates to and how to solve?


Establish TCP connection was successful.[0x0x809205dc0] fpolicy/fsm/fsm_external_engine.cc:4109
00000017.28cfd70e 16db2662 Wed Apr 27 2016 16:03:00 +01:00 [kern_fpolicy:error:4223] select returned with timeout hit.[0x0x809205dc0]


vserver engine-name reqs-cancel-timeout reqs-abort-timeout status-req-interval server-progress-timeout keep-alive-interval
-------- ----------- ------------------- ------------------ ------------------- ----------------------- -------------------
SVM02 engine          100s                       200s                     50s                       100s                                    3m

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