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OCUM 6.4 on RHEL install fails with a postinstall scriptlet failure for ocie-serverbase package

Hi Guys,


I'm attempting to install OCUM 6.4P1 on RHEL 6.7.


The pre_install_check.sh script executes without any issues. My host meets the requirements shown in the Installation and Setup Guide. I can install OCUM 6.3 without any issues.


My problem happens when I get to installation of the ocie-serverbase-1.3.0-2016.05.2052.x86_64 package. The postinstall script fails with an exit status 255, which corresponds to an "exit -1" in the postinstall script.



Actual error message:

warning: %post(ocie-serverbase-1.3.0-2016.05.2052.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 255

Non-fatal POSTIN scriptlet failure in rpm package ocie-serverbase-1.3.0-2016.05.2052.x86_64


FAILURE: ocie-serverbase package installed, but in corrupt state.



I have attached the postinstall script which I extracted from the rpm.


Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?


Cheers, Renton.

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