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7-mode 8.2.4 FAS3220 migration to FAS8040 CDOT 8.3.2 using 7MTT CFT 2.3.1

Hi everyone, as the subject states, I am currently involved in a project to migrate our 7-mode HA pair over to a new FAS8040.  We plan to reuse our existing disk shelves and swing them over to the new system which is why we've chosen the 7 mode transition tool with Copy Free Transition (version 2.3.1).  The FAS8040 has a single DS2246 on it now and so far what we have done is basically connect the 8040 into our brocade fabric and vmotion critical VM's over to the 8040 system (this was done a couple of weeks ago with a NetApp PS Engineer and we ran into some problems which prevented us from completing the disk shelf migration).  So, as it stands now we have both systems running in tandem, the new 8040 has our critical VM's running and the 3220 7-mode system is running the rest of our not as critical VM's.


NetApp is going to send out their PS Engineer once more so that we can hopefully complete this transition and I guess I'm basically just looking for input from the community to ensure a successful transition.


As of this writing, the 7MTT with CFT prechecks are completing (with some warnings but no errors).  We have created our 2 SVM's that will be used for mapping the vfilers from the 2 controllers of the 7-mode system, our ESXi hosts have been added to the initiator group of one of the SVM's which is currently running our production critical VM's and I believe I'll need to add the same ESXi hosts into the igroup of the second SVM that currently has nothing running on it (the second SVM was created as a pre-requisite of the 7MTT prechecks).


I've added the WWPN's of both SVM's into our brocade redundant fiber channel switches and our pathes from the ESXi hosts look good showing 24 paths to each of our VMFS datastores.


Has anyone attempted a similar migration and if so, what else should I be double checking?  My thoughts are now that the WWPN's for each SVM are loaded into the fabric and we have green lights on the 7MTT that we should be able to proceed with the migration allowing the 7MTT to run it's course and eventually swing the 7-mode disk shelves over to the new system and bring them back online with the CDOT 8.3.2 system and then slowly bring the volumes and datastores back online in our VMWare environment.  So far it has been difficult finding people with a lot of knowledge on this process because of how new it is, I've read over documentation as has the NetApp PS Engineer I'm working with but it still seems that there are some vague unknowns and I just want to cover as many bases as I can before we attempt once more to complete this transition, which is looking like it might be as soon as 7/16.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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