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CDOT 8.3.1 vscan only passing .exe files to McAfee AV Scanner

I have an 8040 Cluster running 8.3.1P1 and using McAfee VirusScan 8.8 with the current release of VSES for NetApp, NetApp VSCAN is configured as per NetApp best practice and the McAfee VSES is configured as 'we' beleve to be correct.


When we place eicar test pattern files in the CIFS shares only the files with a .exe extension are detected and deleted by the AV, we have tested with .txt .com and .vbs extension and they are not even scanned.  It looks likes they are not even being passed to AV server by VSCAN despite VSCAN being configured to scan all extensions.


Our 7-mode filer / McAfee AV detects all the test virus files,


Has anyone else experienced problems with AV scanning on CDOT 8.3.x and only .exe files being scanned.

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