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Has anyone written a Get-Wfaloggor function for use in testing code in raw PoSH or ISE?

When debugging sequences of code within a WFA command I will move the snippet of code to PowerShell ISE to troubleshoot.


A regular problem I encounter is Get-WfaLogger cmdlets embedded in the code sequence. Doing an import-module of the WFA modules resolves the missing Get-WfaLogger cmdlet problem but the output goes in either the bit-bucket or someplace else. So I swap the the Get-WfaLogger calls with a 'write-output' statement to conduct the testing and undo those changes before moving the snippet back into WFA. 


Has anyone come up with a better less error-prone way to handle this. Like a PoSH function with same name that outputs to sysout or such? 


I'm re-working a custom WFA command where seeing the output of each individual Get-WfaLogger is essentual to the effort. 


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