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ONTAP simulator 8.1.2 on VirtualBox

Following the excellent instructions provided for the 8.1.1 simulator (located at https://communities.netapp.com/thread/24964) I've tried to recreate with the 8.1.2 simulator.


The idea is the same, create a FreeBSD_64 vm, attach the disks in the same order as the vmx file from the virtualplayer image describes to the IDE bus, add serial ports with redirect, no audio device, 4 nics, etc.


The VM will boot up fine, but then it will error with "Cannot open env/env" and



Unable to read environment from CF card!

Please re-create your VM environment.




I've noticed that there is a cfcard directory provided in the download and it contains the env/env file that then has all the environment settings.


Any VMWare wizards in the house that can shed some light on how this file is being accessed from the vm?






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