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Upgrading Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3x to ONTAP 9.1 Using Automated Nondisruptive Upgrade Method

One of the methods available for upgrading between 8.3x to 9.1 is the Automated Nondisuptive Upgrade (ANDU) method.  This method simplifies the upgrade process and removes much of the burden of the process.  There still remains a few items that need to be reviewed and performed prior to using the ANDU method.  Following is an outline of the manual checks that the ANDU requires.  For the complete documentation on the process use the Upgrade Express Guide.


  1. Decide if the ANDU method is the correct method to use for your cluster.  Follow this flowchart.
  2. Watch this video on the process.
  3. Ensure compatibility of your cluster and infrastructure with ONTAP 9.1.
  4. Confirm the cluster is ready for ANDU.
  5. If your cluster contains at least 8 nodes then disable automatic LIF rebalancing.
  6. Use a PowerShell script to verify additional cluster health.  Add the following parameter to the script to perform the following checks:  "-RunSection Sysstat,SAN,Jobs"


Remember you can also create an Upgrade Advisor report at the My AutoSupport Site.

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