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SMHV Task Scheduler doesnt work - Windows Server 2016

Hello all,


i installed SnapManager for Hyper-V in the Version 2.1.2 on both 2- Node Cluster Server. (Windows Server 2016)

All works fine, but the scheduled task doesn't work!


I configured a Dataset with scheduler Policy - so the Task start and end within 20 seconds. Result: Succes - but no backups are created.


SnapManager for Hyper-V\Backup report:


[17.03.2017 11:30:35, (25)] The operation completed successfully.
[17.03.2017 11:30:35, (25)] AutoSupport is disabled, AutoSupport update will not be performed
[17.03.2017 11:30:35, (25)] Backup task: completed successfully
[17.03.2017 11:30:35, (25)] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<VMStatusResult xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
  <VM Name="VM-01" Id="35a19b6f-a903-9687-bd8b-b053da809361" Result="OK" />


The Job-ID is Dataset_[job]cc_Dataset_Policy_01-01-0001_00.00.00   - i think there is an mistake? time? date?


Recovery Tab: The selected dataset or virtual machine has no backups.


Windows Log:

SnapManager for Hyper-V backup failed to complete

An error occured while executing SnapManager backup job.

Job: new-backup -ds CORE_Dataset -pid Dataset_Policy -h Cluster1 -scid 2918e971-abb2-4a5b-ad31-5773a46887df

Details: An error occured while invoking the powershell cmdlet.

Input Not Valid, Specfied scheduled job is not found in the task list

EventID: 106

Source: SnapMgrServiceHost


When i run the job manually it works, but it won't run at the scheduled time. 😞

Complete uninstall, try an older version from SMHV 2.1, delete files and reinstall with new configuration, still the same!


Has anyone seen this issue, og have any ideas what could be the reason?




SnapDrive 7.1.4

SnapManager for Hyper-V 2.1.2

Windows Server 2016

2- Node Cluster


Thanks for your help!!

If you need more information - let me know!



Kind regards,


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