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"snapmirror list-destinations" does not show recently created SnapVault relationships

I am working with a customer that has three sites.  Two are Snapmirrored hot/cold (A/B) and the third is a Snapvault destination (C).  They want to be able to failover from A to B, reverse the Snapmirror to go from B to A, and then re-source the Snapvault to pull from the new prod data center (in this case, B).

After doing the failover, I


  1. Delete the Snapvault relationship
  2. Release it from the original source
  3. Create a new relationship from the new prod data center
  4. Resync the Snapvault

Once I do all of this, I can look at the Snapmirror relationships on the destinations and they appear as expected.  I can run updates with no problem.  But, if I run "snapmirror list-destinations" from the new source (B), it shows ONLY the Snapmirror relationships, and not the Snapvaults.  Is this a bug?  Does it just take time for the source to update from the destination?  I've waited over an hour, but the list-destinations is still not showing the Snapvaults.

All three sites are on OnTap 9.0P2.

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