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FAS 2240 -2 Startup and Interfaces config
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This probably isn't the right forum, but I didn't see a hardware discussion, so I'll take a shot and ask here.


I didn't set our NetApp system up, so I'm not familiar with what each port means. I figure the ifgroup interfaces are aggregated for management subnet, iSCSI...


So our setup E0M is disabled, and E0P has an ip address that is in the same subnet as the production  share to the users, and NetApp keeps warning me about that. I know the port is "private" but not exactly sure what the function is, or what I'd need to do to change the IP address, what would it affect? Should I put it in another arbitrary subnet or place it in one of the back end subnets like management, etc. I assumed if it were private, it wouldn't actually send traffic through a switch, or am I correct in thinking those are SAS cable ports?




Edit: Sorry, I did not see the FAS-V discussion forum, this should go there...

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