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What are SC SQL backup types?

Hi All


The question is simple, but I still can't find the answer.


What is the difference between SnapCenter for SQL baclup types: "Full backup and Logs", "Full Backup" and "Transaction Logs". The let's add "Copy only Backup" option.

Can you please describe ste-by-step what happens during each backup type? I mean workflow.

When Logs are truncated, when they are not? What snapshots are created?

I discovered that druring Log backup, it copies logs to LogDirectory (SnapInfo), but does not create snapshot for Transaction Log volume itself.


I need ability to restore up-to-minute for 80 days, and I run out of 255 snashots for LogDirectory (SnapInfo). So if I had a day long transaction logs and full backup I need only one snapshot for one day. Can't figure out how to configure this in SnapCenter.


Thank you.


Who Me Too'd this topic